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Basic Expedition Leader Award (BELA)

The Basic Expedition Leader Award (BELA) is the minimum qualification needed to take cadets on adventure training activities. It is a nationally recognised qualification issued by Sports Leader UK and can therefore be used both inside and outside of the Air Training Corps. The award allows staff to run low-level camps and activities.

South and East Midlands Wing runs a BELA course as demand requires. The course usually consists of four weekends of training carried out at various locations within the Wing’s area. Most weekends begin on a Friday evening and finish on Sunday afternoon. A pre-assessment day is carried out at the start of the course to ensure that all candidates have the necessary pre-requisites for the course. The course culminates with the students being assessed by external instructor to confirm that the NGB’s standards are adhered too.

Each course is open to all instructor cadets and staff in the Wing who have the aptitude to become an outdoor leader.

Once the course has been completed each candidate will have a short period where they consolidate their skills under supervision at their squadron prior to gaining the award.

Anyone who would like more information on the course should speak to the WATTO, Sqn Ldr Wilson.

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