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D of E Awards - A Simple Guide To Getting Started!


This guide has been designed to give Sqn D of E Officers a simple and quick idea of how the scheme operates. The Award operates in pretty much the same way for the Bronze, Silver and Gold. Follow the advice and guidance printed and every cadet in every squadron will be capable of achieving each Award.

Aim – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aims to provide an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development for young people, which is of the highest quality and the widest reach

Key Principles – It is essential that everyone involved in the Award, whether as a participant of Leader, share a common understanding of the principles, which underpin all aspects of the Awards delivery. These key principles are:

The Award is a personal challenge and not a competition against others. Each participant’s programme is tailor made to reflect the individual starting point, abilities and interests.

Available to All
With a commitment to equal opportunities, the Award Programme is available to all young people who choose to take it up.

Young people make a free choice to enter the programme and commit their own time to undertake the activities

Young people design their own programme, which can be geared to their choice and personal circumstances and also to local provision. They may enter for whichever level of award best suits them, and may take as long as they wish to complete the Award.

By choosing activities in each of four different sections (five at Gold), participants undertake a balanced and wide-ranging programme.

At each level the Award Programme demands more time and an increasing degree of commitment and responsibility from the participant.

Achievement Focused
Before starting an activity, young people are encouraged to set their own goals. If they aim for those goals and show improvement, they will achieve their Award.

Marathon, not a Sprint
The Award demands persistence and commitment and cannot be completed in a short burst of enthusiasm. Participants may want to continue with activities beyond the minimum time requirements set out for each level of the Award.

Personal Development
The Award is a programme of personal and social development. The value to young people is dependent on personal commitment, the learning process and the quality of the experience.

Young people and helpers should find participation enjoyable and satisfying.


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