Duke of Edinburgh Training Section

D of E Awards - The Volunteering Section

Volunteering is simple. It’s about choosing to give time to something useful, without getting paid.

Team volunteering can be beneficial to young people and to the project they have chosen.

At Bronze, participants can choose to volunteer for a number of different activities to make up the time.

The Process

Make a choice of volunteering activities
Meet the person who will support, and agree goals
May be briefing or a short training course
Must not be more than 25% of the time period
Get out there and do it!
Review with the person supporting

Volunteering examples

Helping People
Community action and raising awareness.
Coaching, teaching and leadership.
Working with the environment or animals.
Helping a charity or community organisation.

Volunteering ideas for Cadets

Mentoring new cadets
Instructing junior cadets
Run the canteen
Work in the Stores
Help with admin
Take responsibility for radios, IT, model making, etc
Run the DofE
Help on Wing events
Run an environment project for the Squadron