Duke of Edinburgh Training Section

D of E Awards - The Sections Of The Award

There are 4 sections to the Award at Bronze and Silver level, and an extra section at Gold. The sections are:

• Volunteering
• Skills
• Physical
• Expeditions
• Residential – Gold Award only

Instruction, Supervision & Assessment

Individuals who are knowledgeable, experienced or qualified in the chosen activity should undertake instruction and assessment. However, assessments should be done by an independent assessor- not one who has trained the cadets.

Record Books

It is vital that the Record Books are filled in as the sections progress. The supervisors and assessors must complete this. When using independent assessors, such as a Wild Country Panel assessor, ensure that the training section of the book is completed. Failure to do this may result in the expedition being cancelled. A sloppy Record Book may give the impression that the participants may also be sloppy!

Award Section Pages

Should these pages become damaged or simply filled in incorrectly, then you can download new pages from the website. Complete the new page and stick it over the old one!

Lost Record Book

Lost Record Books may be replaced and previous entries endorsed by WHQ. Lost certificates and badges may be replaced on application to the WHQ and, at Gold level, to HQAC. Recipients must provide evidence that the Award was granted and a small charge may be made.