Duke of Edinburgh Training Section

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Modular Training Framework

1. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Modular Training Framework has been designed to give those involved in delivering the Award the training to help them provide a quality experience for the young people participating. It consists of a number of elements:

a. The Foundation Certificate in Award Leadership
b. Award Administration including DEAMS
c. Expedition Supervisors
d. Assessor Accreditation
e. Train the Trainer.

2. The Air Training Corps is introducing the Foundation Certificate in Award Leadership and the Expedition Supervisors course with immediate effect, in order to facilitate the Commandant, Air Cadets’ vision of 80% of cadets achieving the Bronze Award in the first two years of service.

3. The Foundation Certificate consists of four modules:
a. Introduction to the Award (IttA)
b. Managing an Award Group (MG)
c. Practical Award Leadership (PL)
d. Group Work Skills (GWS)

4. The first stage in the process will be attendance on a 2 day IttA course, the learning outcomes of which are attached at Annex A. The first of these will be run in S&E Midlands Wing in September 2008. Provisional details for this have already been communicated to Squadrons. At the end of this course, attendees will be given an “Award Group Leaders” workbook. This will guide learners through the requirements of the MG and PL modules. Completion of the workbook will, after verification that all the learning outcomes have been achieved, qualify in these two modules. About six months after the IttA course, students should attend a one-day Group Work Skills course. Successful attendance on this course will complete the Foundation Course, and the Award HQ will issue a Foundation Certificate in Award Leadership. There will be an opportunity to attend an Expedition Supervisors Course later.