First Aid Training Section

Adult First Aid Courses - Activity First Aid

  • Activity First Aid*

This course is ideal for people who have resposibility for taking groups of people on activity outings such a outdoor walks or adventure training

Who is the course aimed at ?

This course is suitable for Cadet Instructors , Officers , Civillian Instructors and Committee members and cadets aged 16 years .

Course Content

In addition to the Emergency Life Support, Basic First Aid and Family First Aid course content you will also learn:

  • Casualty management – outdoors.
  • Emergencies in public
  • Conditions relating to extremes of temperature
  • Recognition and Treatment of low blood sugar
  • Role of the first aider in a group setting

Course Duration

16 Hours

Assessment and Certification
Cadets on successful completion of the course assessment can wear the Green First aid Badge

Assessment by Registed Trainer /Assessor with St John Ambulance or Air Cadet Organisation

Further Information Contact your Wing First Aid Training Team