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1101 at the Initial NCO Course

Article posted: Mar 08, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Utting

The course was held at RAF Wittering with 4 Cadets from 1101 attending, with a selection of different ranks. However the overall total was 27 cadets all over South and East Midlands Wing, this was a high calibre course, requiring maturity and responsibility. The staff seem not to be disappointed, we received good comments from all the staff and the CWOs & FS who were assisting us and the staff.
The staff consisted of: Pilot Officer McPherson, Flying Officer Khala, Flight Sergeant Crawford, Flight Sergeant Butcher, Sergeant Clarke, CWO Sur, CWO Bagley and Flight Sergeant Richards.
Flight Sergeant Crawford: ‘This is one of the best groups that I’ve seen in a while’
All of the Cadets enjoyed themselves not only because it was an experience and we all learnt a lot, we also enjoyed it because the people we met and how much we all improved as an NCO or soon to be NCO. We all found it useful as it developed ourselves and taught us new and different things such as, Cadet Welfare, Leadership and a long list of other topics. With Cadet Corporal Humphrey from 138 Squadron and Cadet Britow from 42 Squadron saying:
Cadet Corporal Humphrey: ‘I feel as if I can pass on my knowledge and use it to progress myself and others, this overall experience has definitely taught me a lot about being a Corporal’.
Cadet Britow: ‘I can’t wait to become an NCO now; this course was really enjoyable and opened my eyes to how I can be a good Corporal’.

Written By: Cadet Flight Sergeant Yates Media Officer: