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1101 gains yellow Lanyards

Article posted: Jun 13, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Utting

After weeks of waiting 5, 1101 cadets gets their assessment that they have been patiently prepared for. Thanks to all that preparation all of the 5 cadets now possess there yellow lanyards.

1101 now has 6 cadets that hold this award, this is the most the squadron has had for around 3 years.
On the May 18th Squadron Leader Utting wing staff officer came and assessed the cadets on their varies lessons, first aid to athletics. Their lessons were very different from each other making it a new experience for the cadets and the assessor. However 5 cadets who passed were ecstatic about passing with 1 even running around the squadron telling everyone from cadets to staff they have passed! The cadets consisted of:

Cadet Flight Sergeant Mcbeth
Cadet Flight Sergeant Cathorne
Cadet Sergeant Beattie
lanyard.Cadet Sergeant Lee
Cadet Corporal Tailby

The staff were very proud of all the cadet who passed as this is their final step in the classifications, I’m sure the staff can still remember them as first class cadets and now they’ve progressed so far to be able to teach as an instructor