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1101 Kettering at Wing cross country trials

Article posted: Mar 12, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Utting

On Sunday 21st February a group of 12 cadets took part in wing trials for cross country with ages ranging from 13 to 17. Upon arrival the cadets were divided up into 5 categories; A,B,C,D and E which were determined by age groups. Cadets McGeorge and Clark both came 9th in their categories out of 116. FS McBeth came 4th in his category sending him to compete for regionals along with cadet Quitua who came 2nd within her category.

“I really enjoyed my day today, it was a great course and although was very muddy I enjoyed it overall and I will definitely compete again next year. I made a couple of new friends as I ran along and we all had common interests including cadets and the events”. Cadet Clark
“The wing cross country course was very muddy but also a great course that really tested endurance. I was very satisfied with my placing and am looking forward to going to the regional competition and I will definitely participate again next year”. Flight Sergeant McBeth