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1101 Kettering Sqn goes bag packing

Article posted: Apr 12, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Kettering 1101 squadron went to the local Tesco’s and raised money to buy new adventure training equipment for our squadron. On the 26th March we had 13 cadets raise money for the Squadron, we had old and new cadets all put in a lot of effort and time towards this event with the cadets overall raising £750 for new gear. We started the bag packing at 9 and finished at 3, we all offered packing bags for the shoppers who were checking out by the tills, the CO was very proud of her cadets and even helped out herself towards the Squadrons efforts in raising money.
Flight Lieutenant. H. Day- ‘I’m so proud of my cadets and how much we raised’