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1101 sqn help S&E midlands X country team gain victory

Article posted: Mar 18, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Victory for South and East Midlands at Cross Country regionals On Sunday the 6th of March, two Kettering 1101’s Cadets contributed to Wing triumph at the Regional Cross country competition at RAF base Cranwell.

FS Mcbeth and Cdt Quitua were selected after achieving a placement within the top 4 out of 160 cadets in their respective categories (Senior boys, 5k, and Junior Girls, 3k) during the South and East midlands wing competition on Saturday the 21st of February. The battle began at approximately 10 am, with both Cadets standing strong with their new found team mates also picked from across the wing.

Within minutes, everything from an intense briefing, team talks and safety procedures had been swiftly completed- both cadets were fully aware of their challenge. It was revealed that each course span lengths of between 3km and 5km that coiled around perimeter of RAF Cranwell. A few of the many obstacles presented by the circuit included a path that sank deeply into violently thorn/bracken infested woods, an unyielding 400m sprint up the fabled and notorious ‘Cardiac Hill’ and a treacherous last leg through marshy woodland. It’s fair to say that every cadet was shattered at the finish line. Regardless, our cadets wrestled on and truly competed to the best of their abilities. The result? No less than a 1st place gold for Mcbeth’s senior boys team and a 3rd place bronze for Cdt Quitua’s – and of course the most important- a trophy for top spot glimmering in the hands of the South and East Midlands Wing. With their competition crushing ambition, attitude and teamwork, our 1101 cadets have done us proud.