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1181 Sqn on camp at Nescliffe

Article posted: Dec 03, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

When we got the chance to go to Nescliffe, for exercise jubilee, with 29F Rugby squadron, five cadets from 1181 Syston Squadron, jumped at the chance.

The Five male cadets were apprehensive of the weekend ahead and unsure of what was going to happen… We soon realised it was a brilliant opportunity that we were lucky to get on.

Cadets Adkin, Beard, Hopkinson, Rickman, and West set off for Nescliffe DTC on the evening off Friday 12th October 2012. As we got to the camp we quickly unpacked our equipment for the weekend in our barracks; before heading to our brief,with our fellow cadets from the other Squadrons. We collected our “ration packs” for the weekend at the end of the brief. Looking for the renowned Oreos that were in some of the ration packs.

We woke up very early, for a Saturday morning, packed our equipment which we needed in our rucksacks and filled our webbing with our necessities, which we felt we would need, and headed to the “South Side” training area. After a quick breakfast in the mess, we were put into our sections for the weekend and moved into the training area with our respective “Sections”- Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie- in a staggered formation. We patrolled to a warehouse where we set up a defensive position while waiting for our additional brief.

We then had to retrieve our day packs/webbing, and then we got our equipment that was needed throughout the weekend. We got to our harbour area,where we were staying the night,where we then put up our bashers, which were our beds for the night! We then tucked into our lunches from our ration packs.

Later that day we patrolled around our harbour area, set up sentries, did intelligence gathering on members of an opposite force(the staff), and did reconnaissance again on the opposite force. Furthermore we got taught how to set up a Vehicle Checkpoint. We then got our Hexi-stoves out again to cook up the culinary delights that you receive in MOD ration packs; as the temperature started to drop all around us.

Unfortunately we then had to depart the training area to go back to the barracks to get a good nights sleep due to the deteriorating temperatures. In the morning we found out that during the night the temperature dropped to -2 degrees Celsius.

The following morning we ,again, set off for the training area. On the way there all three sections were confronted by a herd of cows in one of the fields much to the amusement of everybody. Luckily no cows came close to any cadets…*

We then carried on doing the exercises that we didn’t do all together. This included setting up a two defensive positions one with CI Rickman in charge of the three sections.

Cadet Rickman who was in charge of one of the sections said “It was really fun! It was a great learning experience being in charge of other cadets”. As well as Cadet West saying “It was a fantastic experience, which I was glad to have a chance to do”. This shows that all of the cadets had fun during the weekend with a short sample of the positive comments.

Like any other Camp that cadets get the chance to go on nearly all off us fell asleep in the minibus for the journey home!!

A BIG Thank you to 29F Rugby Squadron for the invite and I would like to say how much all the Syston Cadets enjoyed the weekend. Also a thank you for CI Rickman for the transport in the minibus. A very big thank you to the all the Staff and NCO’s that were there that weekend without them the camp would not have been able to go ahead.

*No cows were harmed during this weekend.

By Cadet Daniel Adkin
1181 (Syston) Sqn ATC