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1181 (Syston) Cadets Wheelie have Some Fun!!!

Article posted: Oct 01, 2009 by sl6

Cadets from 1181 (Syston) Squadron were recently asked to take part in a fun competition with the Leicester Cobras.

The Leicester Cobras are a wheelchair basketball team and the competition was designed to raise the profile of the Cobras and raise some much needed funds.

The cadets were asked to take part by Rothley Lions, who have made a substantial donation to the Squadron for the purchase of new radios.

The players watch as a ball goes through the hoop.

The day began for the cadets and staff with some much needed training, especially in the use of wheelchairs!

Once this was “mastered”, the first game took place. The Cobras raced away to a large lead. The cadets seemed quite unable to find the basket, so a smaller basket was found for their use. However, it still didn’t make much difference!

The first game ended with the cobras winning 24 points to 20. How this was achieved, no-one really knows!

After a short break for lunch, a second game was played. The staff and cadets DID play better, but still failed to make any sort of impression on the Cobras.

The final score being 28 points to 20. The cadets did manage a win on one front; they scored a lot more blisters on their hands!

Only 1 basket was scored in the “real” basket by CI Paul Reeves.
CI Diane Reeves commented “The Squadron may have lost, but they lost with huge smiles on their faces”.

Staff and Cadets of 1181 (Syston) Sqn on the basketball court.

A fun day was had by all and the squadron would like to thank the Rothley Lions for sponsoring them and the Leicester Cobras for allowing them to “compete!”.

The Staff and Cadets of 1181 squadron would also like to wish the Leicester Cobra wheelchair basketball team every success in the future.

By CI Diane Reeves, 1181 (Syston) Sqn