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1181 Visit RAF Cosford Air Show

Article posted: Jun 20, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Sunday 12th June, Air Cadets and Staff boarded the minibus in Syston, Leicester, for what should have been a fairly straightforward journey to the Annual RAF Cosford Air Show.

The day started sunny and bright, but as we hit the M69 the rain began and did not stop all day! We queued for 2 hours on the hard shoulder of the M54 (most of us by the time we reached the airfield had our legs crossed!).

The rain was by now bucketing down and to make matters worse, it was getting colder and windy, not ideal conditions for flying! However, some brave souls made it to the skies. The Turbulent display team, Royal Navy Black Cats, SWIP Team, Augusta A109, Red Arrows, Hawk solo display, Tornado GR4 Role Demo, O`Briens Flying Circus and the Blades display team.

The display teams were, by and large, only able to do half of their usual display as the cloud base was far too low.

Congratulations and massive thanks to all the pilots who managed to put their aircraft into the air.

The Air Cadets and Staff were completely drowned but not downhearted. A good time was had by all.

On the return journey, we stopped at a local well known chicken shop to stock up on food supplies!
Then home to bed!!

By CI Dan Reeves
1181 Squadron