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1188 Sqn Air Cadets Support Troops

Article posted: Dec 14, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Air cadets from 1188 (Coalville) Sqn are supporting the troops abroad by sending them shoeboxes full of gifts for Christmas.

For the fourth year running air cadets from 1188 (Coalville) Sqn, Air Training Corps are joining with Leicestershire Constabulary Blue Knights Motorcycle Club to send shoeboxes of gifts to military police officers and Coldstream Guards serving in Afghanistan. This continues a tradition started in the First World War, when troops in the trenches received a small brass box containing sweets and tobacco from the Government.

Hard at Work

The cadets, their families and the congregation of Christ Church in Coalville have collected: – sweets, puzzle books, magazines, stationery, festive things and toiletries to send to the troops. They have all been carefully packaged up into shoeboxes, making sure each one weighs less than 2 kg to take advantage the Royal Mail’s free postage to the troops. The cadets sent 34 shoeboxes in all, to Afghanistan.

Santa’s Little Elves

Last year the squadron received lots of letters back from the troops and it was obvious that they appreciated getting presents; especially from people they had never met. One of the police officers even made a personal visit to the squadron this year to meet and thank the cadets who sent him a parcel for Christmas 2007.

1188 Sqn

Flying Officer R Harrison RAFVR (T) said,“The cadets and their families have excelled themselves this year and I am really proud of the cadets for giving so generously.”

Pilot Officer R Dring, the officer in charge of 1188 Squadron said “I am glad that the cadets have been able to take part in this venture and we look forward to getting more letters back in the New Year”.

By Flying Officer Rebekah Harrison
1188 Sqn Media & Communications Officer