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126 Blast down at Bisley

Article posted: Aug 08, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

126 Blast down at Bisley

126 City of Derby Squadron attended this year’s Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meeting (ISCRM) at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley. F/SGT Helen Southall, Cadet F/SGT James Thompstone and the shooting team went to Surrey to maintain the Squadron’s top shooting reputation.

The team consisted of four firers, one butt-marker, and the coach and support staff. It was F/SGT Southall’s first time as Shooting Officer. Two cadets managed to rank in the top 100 cadets in the tri-service. Cadet F/SGT Alice Southall achieved something rare, five cadet 100 badges which is an outstanding accomplishment.

F/SGT Alice Southall said “I am so happy that I managed to get in the top 100 cadets every year I’ve entered the competition. It is a nice end to my cadet shooting career and I look forward to passing on my knowledge to the younger cadets.” Alongside this, Alice got selected to shoot for the Inter-services ‘B’ Team during the meeting, which again, is deserving of a massive well done.

Two of the more experienced cadets attended the Civilian Imperial Shooting Meeting. The Imperial is an International event in which people of all ages and nationalities compete. Both cadets had a fantastic time and were pleased with their shooting. F/SGT Alice Southall represented England in the Cadet National match along with representing the British Cadet Rifle Team in the AG Bell match against Canadian cadets.

All four members of the team trained extremely hard throughout the season and achieved personal goals. Being a smaller and younger team, the cadets had a heavy order to maintain the Squadron’s shooting reputation, safely said, they succeeded. F/SGT Helen Southall and all those involved should be very proud.