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126 Squadron Gives You Wings

Article posted: Feb 21, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Air Cadets from 126 (City of Derby) Squadron have achieved unprecedented results in flying and gliding, with fourteen cadets holding flying or gliding qualifications.

As news reached the squadron that two cadets had been awarded Flying Scholarships, all of the cadets with flying or gliding awards gathered together for a photo call. Cadet Sergeant Dean Cotterill and Cadet Sergeant Paige Gedney are two of only two thousand cadets nationwide to receive a flying scholarship this year. It is quite unique that two cadets from the same squadron have been awarded a scholarship in the same year but 126 Squadron has a long tradition of producing cadets with great flying aptitude.

Sergeants Cotterill and Gedney will be given tips on how to pass the one week flying course by Corporal Bethan Linscott who recently gained her flying wings after completing the course in Scotland. Cpl Linscott said, “I will always be grateful to the Air Cadet Organisation for giving me a chance to fly. My scholarship course was amazing and has given me the inspiration to carry on flying.”

126 Squadron is also proud to have twelve cadets with Glider Wings. These cadets have passed a one week gliding course at RAF Cranwell and are now able to fly a glider solo. For some of them, this qualification has come many months before they have learnt to drive a car.

126 Squadron has never experienced such a successful year for flying and gliding and hopes that their success will attract more young people to join the Air Cadet Organisation. Squadron Leader Ian Marshall, Officer Commanding 126 Squadron, said, “The Air Cadet Organisation has many varied things to offer young people from life skills, leadership skills and qualifications to first aid and sport. However, it is our ability to offer all cadets an opportunity to experience flying that makes us truly unique.”

Anyone interested in joining 126 Squadron should visit their website – or contact the squadron on 01332 753343 (Monday and Thursday evening only).