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1360 and 504 in Exercise Snowman

Article posted: Jan 31, 2014 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

Friday night excitement was in the air for the cadets of 1360 (Stapleford and Sandiacre) Squadron and 504 (West Nottingham) Squadron ATC. As tonight they would leave the comfort of their warm beds and their parents to join each other in a festive weekend at Drum Hill Scout Camp Site.

Friday night consisted of unpacking all kit and then straight into evening activities. Firstly the cadets were introduced to their flight for the weekend, with team building games played it was great to see the cadets fitting in and making new friends. The cadets were then sent on their first mission, it was a competition between flights, finding and working out riddles which were scattered around the camp site. This was to get them familiar with their surroundings for the weekend ahead. It was a fighting battle to see who could get back first because all points went towards the winning flight at the end of the weekend. The cadets were treated that evening to hot dogs served by our famous chefs from Jo and Gaz’ Cafe.

The weekend then followed on with the cadets travelling to Mansfield swimming baths where they could have a great splash around! Christmas camp is always about the cadets having a fun packed weekend! The next activity the cadets were sent out into the open Mansfield town on a photo exercise, this has always been enjoyed by cadets on every Christmas camp! The cadets are given a list of objects or scenes to take pictures of the pictures must always contain their flight and they must be as imaginative as possible. This was then shown on the projector back at base in which each flight were to explain their day.
Night time quickly followed this meant it was Nightex time! Cadets were sent out in their flights to complete a certain objective. The staff were used as enemy in which the cadets had to avoid. The big ending to the Nightex was the flour bomb fight this was a fantastic ending as cadets could go crazy throwing flour bombs at the staff members.

The cadets that evening after getting showered and cleaned up had their promised Christmas disco where they could bust some moves. Even the staff could show the cadets some crazy moves!
Sunday was a sad day as it was the end of the weekend but activities didn’t stop their! The flights still had 3 activities to attend to! One new activity which all cadets seem to have enjoyed was the Mince Pie Challenge. Each cadet was given a helmet with a funnel on top, the mince pie was placed in the funnel and the cadets had the challenge of making their way across a rope course without dropping the mince pie! This was an amusing sight to see. While these activities were going on our two famous chefs from Jo and Gaz’ café back at headquarters were slaving away preparing a 5 star Christmas dinner!
Every cadet defiantly enjoyed the dinner; it was certainly a well-deserved meal after the cold winter day they had been in. Awards were also given out; these were Best Female and Best Male cadet. We would like to congratulate Cadet Courtney Barron (14) and Cadet Thomas Hodges (14) for their efforts on the weekend! They were awarded the best cadets on camp.

The weekend was a great success it was enjoyed by all cadets and staff! A huge thank you to the staff for organising the weekend and a massive thank you for all cadets for conducting yourselves so well.