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1360 on the run

Article posted: Feb 14, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

On Sunday a team of well-trained athletes from 1360 (Stapleford and Sandiacre) Squadron woke up early and raring to go. They began the morning by travelling down to RAF Wittering (Peterborough) where they took part in the Cross Country Competition.

The cadets were up against others from different squadrons around the Wing so the pressure was on.

Cadets were split into their age categories which consisted of junior boys and girls, senior boys and girls and Youths. ! The cross country distance that all cadets ran was 3.5 miles and the squadron had some very impressive results from certain runners in the team these were Cadet Flight Sergeant Osbiston (17) from the youth’s category who placed a credible 3rd along with Cadet Joel Terry (15) who came sprinting behind in 4th place.

Corporal Shannon Conway (14) was the squadron’s fastest girl coming 3rd in the Junior Girls category. These three successful runners have made it into the Regional Competition which will be taking place in the next month. We wish them the best of luck!
With all the running over all squadrons formed up ready for the overall scores to be announced, it was great to hear that 1360 Squadron came 2nd in the junior girl’s category out of 29 competing Squadrons that day.

Flight Sergeant Osbiston said “I really enjoy cross country as my strong sport is running, I’m proud of all the cadets that took part that day as they put all their best efforts in. I’m now looking forward to competing in the Regional competition.”

Flight Lieutenant Gareth Fowler, Officer Commanding 1360 Sqn, said: “I am so proud of all the cadets that ran on the day, they put in a huge effort. The Unit is growing week by week; I am looking forward to the future and 1360 becoming a force to be reckoned with”