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1360 Welcome new blood

Article posted: Jul 22, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer Welcome new blood

It’s been a great couple of months for 1360 (Stapleford and Sandiacre) squadron when it comes to attracting new blood to the squadron.

After a large recruitment drive that was held at a local school, the squadron was hit with an exciting number of new faces. Achieving 18 new recruits ready and willing to take on the challenges that they will be faced with as an Air Cadet.

After 3 months of being taught the bread and butter of how to be the best cadet they can possibly be, it was finally time for the chicks to leave their nest. This meant the 18 junior recruits took part in their passing out parade at the Unit. This parade is always special for the cadets and the squadron because it means parents and family members are able to visit the cadets and unit to have an insight of what cadet life is about.

A presentation was held for the parents by the Commanding Officer of 1360 Flight Lieutenant Gareth Fowler to tell the proud parents all about the training the cadets have had. After a short tea and biscuit break the cadets where fallen in on parade where they would receive their log books and certificates awarding them first class cadet. The cadets were privileged to have their awards presented by the Squadrons Wing Staff Officer Flight Lieutenant Lynda Waplington.

Cadet Matthew Osbiston was awarded best recruit throughout the training this meant he held high quality standards throughout his training from drill, uniform to performance in the classroom. This is a great achievement for such a new cadet.

Well Done to all Cadets for how they performed on the night and how smart they looked while being inspected.