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1461 attend Banner Drill 2014

Article posted: May 17, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On April the 26th five of 1461 Wigston’s cadets NCOs represented their squadron at the Banner Drill competition. Held at RAF Wittering, the annual competition is highly competitive with 29 squadrons in total competing. Each team consists of an Orderly, a Banner Warrant Officer, two Banner escorts and last but not least the Banner Bearer, whose role is the most important in the team.

As the team go in to be assessed the first thing they have is a uniform inspection, contributing to their overall score, not only must their drill be sharp but their uniform too. With groups of Drill Instructors watching the teams every move, the pressure is on to give the best routine the cadets can. Being the first ever full female banner team South and East Midlands has ever had, Wigston’s five NCOs were anxious to impress. Not having had as much time to practice as they would have preferred, and wanting to leave to 1461’s mark, the girls were full of adrenaline leading up to their slot for the competition. Flt Sgt Hardy and team Banner Bearer said “I was so nervous, and we were all really anxious but we work well as a team so I had lots of faith in us all!”

As all the squadrons competed and the day went on, the girls watched the clock as they waited to hear the results. After coming 6th overall and being the highest scoring Banner Bearer in the Wing it was a very successful day for the five girls. After moving up 13 places from last year, 1461 showed that dedication, team work, and maximum effort pay off! Wigston cadets now look forward to putting all this in preparation ready for the upcoming Wing Field Day competition in July.

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