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1461 Cadets Make a Splash at Wing Swimming

Article posted: Oct 08, 2012 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Cadets from 1461 Squadron competed at the annual Wing swimming competition on Sunday 23rd September which was held at Braunstone Leisure Centre.

1461 took 16 cadets to compete in 6 competitions across the different categories. The atmosphere at the side of the pool where the spectators sat was electric and really helped to spur the swimmers on. The cadets from 1461 managed to get into almost all of the finals following the heats where the competition started to get tough. Once the competition was completed the cadets all got changed into their wedgewood blues and final parade took place inside due to the weather outside. It was announced that the senior boys from 1461 managed to come third in their category despite only having 2 swimmers! But yet again Derby squadron came out on top for the 11th year in a row.

It was later announced that 1461 squadron came 5th overall and were not far off coming in the top 3, this is a massive leap for the squadron where they only came 16th last year, the squadron is hoping to make another leap next year and claim the title of overall wing swimming champions. It was also announced that Cdt Sgt Woodford and Cdt Jogia have been selected to represent the wing in the Regional Swimming competition on the 7th of October.

Cadet Sgt E Woodford
Squadron MCO