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1461 Get A New Corporal and Sergeant

Article posted: Jan 22, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On Monday the 12th of January the CO walked into the main parade room on first parade and announced he was going to make two promotions. One to CPL and one to SGT.

He made a very heart-warming speech but little did he know that SGT to be Doshi was not on parade as he was away shooting. After doing this he made sure that CPL to be Allison was in the room and present. After which he called him up to the front, presented his stripes for showing his initiative during the weekend camp at Wittering and showing that he is worthy of a promotion, after which the parade night resumed as normal keeping the SGT unknowing of his promotion.

On final parade, the CO again walked in and tried to re-utter his speech after checking again that SGT to be Doshi was present on parade. He then called him up to the front and gave him his third stripe.

By CPL Allison.