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1461 Go Shooting

Article posted: Mar 02, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

After an early wake up, CWO Timpson, Cpl Timpson’s, Sgt Evans, Cpl Mclean, Cpl Palfreyman arrived at the squadron for half past 8. We then got into the cars and left for RAF Wittering.

Once arriving at RAF Wittering, the sky was clear and it was a crisp morning.

The range orders where read out to us and we all signed to say we had heard them and that we were present. Cpl Palfreyman and Cpl Timpson were in the first detail as they had sports trails the same day, so they went onto the range and began their course of shooting of a 10 round magazine, 5 on the left hand target and 5 on the left. After shooting the ten rounds, they retrieved and replaced their targets and were told how to adjust their rifles to improve their shooting. They then repeated the last shooting order and obtained their targets. After they ‘Snap and Rapid’ firing orders. Snap is when you are given a time period to shoot 1 round into the target. Rapid is firing the rest of your rounds into the target in a specific amount of time. When firing, they were headphones and unclip their rifles.

When they had finished, they left the range and the next detail entered. When everyone had finished shooting and had their go on the range, people who were close to marksmen were given the rest of the rounds to try and obtain those rounds.

When everyone had finished, including those trying to achieve a marksmen, it was time to clean and strip the weapons. Groups of people were set to a rifle where they took it apart and scrub the parts that needed scrubbing and oiled the parts that needed oiling. Once the barrel had been cleared of all the carbon from the shooting, they were inspected by a Flt sergeant, who then stated that they were ‘to an acceptable standard’. We then packed the rifles away, cleaned up all our mess inside the shelter and washed our hands from cleaning the L98 A2’s. Finally we formed up and saluted the officers and got back in the cars to drive back to the squadron.

1461 Media Team