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1461 Help raise money for the Royal British Legion.

Article posted: Nov 27, 2013 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

The cadets of 1461 Wigston squadron spent their Saturday raising money for the annual Poppy Appeal for the Royal British Legion. Wigston cadets started the cold Saturday in the early morning just before nine at one of Leicester’s largest and busiest areas, Fosse shopping park. The cadets broke out in small groups of two and three to help sell poppies in all areas of the plaza throughout the whole day, with a total of twenty four cadets participating. Representing 1461, the cadets helped sell poppies to continue to pass on the important message and reminder that the poppies themselves represent, the sacrifice of the soldiers past, and the risk soldiers of today still take. This is of course an event to help lead us to Remembrance Day on the 11th of November, in which the cadets will also be taking part in a parade held in Croft.

The cadets not only spent the day collecting donations and selling poppies but also, interacting with the public too. Representing the squadron, 1461 and South and East midlands wing the cadets happily answered many questions about the Air Cadet organisation on a whole and what it has given to them personally. Cadet Twig said “I really enjoyed today, the reaction we got from the public really made it all worthwhile.” After a long day from nine in the morning to four o’clock in the afternoon (and many shoppers later), For all the cadets of 1461 it was a great honour to help raise money for such a significant charity which has helped many people and has made such a big impact, and we look forward to doing it again the same time next year!

Flt Lt T Hargraves RAFVR (T)
Oc 1461 Sqn