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1461 SGT Frank Huckle passes Junior Leaders course 16 selection weekend!

Article posted: Sep 23, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

SGT Huckle passed the selection weekend of junior leaders, this weekend is very demanding both physically and mentally. Over the course of the weekend the Applicants have to pass many practical and theory based tests including the RAF Fitness test, Navigation test, ACP16 exam and command tasks as well as presentations. These tests are designed to get the best out of the individual and to see if they are suitable for the course as the course is extremely demanding and requires a high level of commitment. The Junior leaders course is designed to improve a cadet throughout the year with many tests along the way that are used to show improvements. All potential Junior Leaders who pass selection have to pass all of the tests to make it to the test week, SGT Huckle said “The selection weekend was very rewarding showing me what I am good at as well as what I need to work on, I will be looking forward to many challenges throughout the course and really look forward to test phase!”

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