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1461 Take to the Water!

Article posted: Nov 07, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Saturday 4th October saw South and East Midlands Wing takeover a Nottingham Swimming Pool for the day for this years annual Wing Swimming Competition.

13 people in total from 1461 Squadron travelled to Nottingham and took part in various events throughout the day.

The day itself promised to be long but as the Relay’s began and final parade loomed, 1461 were feeling confident that, although they had not filled full teams, they had done well with what they had.
Final parade commenced with WO Fowler reading the results from each of the 4 categories. 1461 were overjoyed when it was announced that they had placed 1st in the Senior girls category and it was later revealed that two of them, CWO Woodford and FS Henson, were chosen to represent the Wing the following weekend in the Inter-Wing Competition at RAF Cranwell.

Overall, Wigston placed 4th out of the 29 Squadrons in the wing and 2nd out of the Leicester Squadrons. This was felt to be a massive achievement by all that attended.

Flt Lt Hargraves commented on his Squadron, saying “Today I am a proud CO and team Wigston have made me a very happy Boss once again. I wish those who are going to Region the best success. Well done 1461!!!”

FS Henson
1461 MCO