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1461 Triumph at Wing Field Day

Article posted: Jul 17, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

This years Wing Field Day was a great day for 1461. We came 2nd in drill, 2nd in leadership, 3rd in first aid, we won the diorama and over all as a squadron we came 3rd out of 29 and being in the top 3 is a massive achievement. We only missed out wining Wing Field Day by 6 points. Unfortunately all 3 of the photos for the photography competition where disqualified but the wing commander liked one of them so much that he said he would like it to go to region anyway. The weather was ok this year but was very windy at the start, which made it a challenge to put up the gazebo but we managed it and in the end the weather turned out to be nice for us.

This year we worked extremely hard and the results prove it. As normal we all really enjoyed our self’s and cant wait for next year to get even better results and win. We even got a tweet on twitter from OC Wing saying how well we did and that our results where consistent and the Wing warrant officer gave us a tops on tour photo.

Over all it was a very successful day for us and we are very proud of it especially the OC of 1461 Flt Lt Hargraves.

1461 Media Team