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1461 visit Germany

Article posted: Aug 19, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Last week CWO Amy Woodford, Sgt Lauren Ashby and Sgt Jinni Sur went away for a week to Sennelager Training Area in Germany. The week involved visits to historical sites and a few days training out in the field.

Day 1 saw the cadets visit the Mohnesee Dam, which is famous for when the Dambusters from 617 Squadron attacked it using the bouncing bomb. The visit also included a boat trip so all the dam could be seen, you could even see the change in brick work from where the dam had been repaired. In the afternoon there was a visit to the SS museum where the cadets learnt about Heinrich Himmlers secret service during the Second World War and about the Wewelsburg Castle located next to the museum which played a pivotal role in training SS officers.

During day 2 the cadets spent the day doing water sports with the British Army. They participated in wind surfing, sailing, paddle boarding and cycling and to top the day off there was a BBQ!
On day 3 the cadets visited Bergen-Belson which was one of the largest concentration camps during the Second World War. This was also the final resting place of Anne Frank. It was an eye-opening experience with many stories of the people who spent time there available to see along with some footage of the way in which the prisoners were treated. It is certainly an experience that they will never forget.
Day 4 saw the cadets have the opportunity to go and train in the ‘Tin City’ which was a town used specifically as an urban training environment where the cadets learnt to move and patrol tactically down the streets. The afternoon saw the cadets participate in a number of scenarios when they encountered ‘insurgents’ and the ‘civilian population’.

On day 5 the cadets went to the Close Quarter Battle Range where the skills learnt on the previous day were put into practice. The cadets patrolled the street in pairs and had the opportunity to fire the L98 Rifle at snap targets as they appeared and they then had to tactically withdraw.

Day 6 the final day the cadets were in the training area for a full final day of scenarios where the cadets once again had to deal with the ‘civilian population’ and bring peace to their town.
The training team were fantastic with special thanks to the ACLO Flt Lt Constable and Plt Off Mortimer QJL who put together all the fantastic field training and scenarios. It is definitely a camp which the cadets are hoping to attend again next year.

1461 Media Team