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1461 Wigston hit – Operation Weekend Warrior (Advanced field craft)

Article posted: May 14, 2013 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Operation weekend warrior was an advanced field craft exercise based at RAF Witting for current Cadet NCO’s and those cadets with future Cadet NCO prospects.

On day 1 (Friday), the cadets arrived at 1900 hours prompt and were taken by minibus to the Vigilant Cadet Block within RAF Witting to get their kit ready for the following 2 days. After completing their personal admin, they changed into DPM uniform and our SAC (Senior Aircraft-man) Technician member of staff took them for a PT session in the base gym. After completing the PT session they went to bed and prepared for the following 2 days.
On day 2 (Saturday), we tabbed (fast paced walking in step) up to an area near Vigo woods where they were taught basic hand signals which they would need for the days patrol practice.

Afterwards, we made our way to an area of Vigo woods which would be our FOB (Forward Operating Base) for the weekend. Here we set up our temporary accommodation which consisted of Bashas (Temporary shelters pictured below) and our personal Bergen’s.

The cadets were taught how to secure the FOB by creating an All Round Defense procedure and how to patrol the surrounding area using tactical manoeuvres and noise and light discipline.

Throughout the second day, the cadets prepared for the following day by repeating patrols and learning how to get into defensive position if the FOB were to come under possible attack by issuing the command “STAND TO!”.

On day 3 (Sunday), the cadets were once again dropped off at the FOB and were immediately taught how to stop and search vehicles safely and routinely. This involved how to react if something were to go wrong, how to search a vehicle and how treat the driver and/or passengers. They then used the combined knowledge they had learnt over the weekend to patrol, stop vehicles and search them.

To end the weekend, the cadets were shown military grade night vision and its effectiveness in the dark.

CFS Jordan Harding
1461 Wigston Squadron ATC