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1461 Wigston hit - Squadron Instruction Course

Article posted: May 14, 2013 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

After completing the Method Of Instruction course along with the initial and advanced NCO courses, I thought it would be a good idea to pass on the knowledge and skills I learned to the cadets at my squadron in the form of a small course aimed at the younger cadets who don’t have to the chance to go on these courses yet.

The overall goal of the Squadron Instruction Course was to promote communication and presentation skills in the form of teaching a 5 minute lesson on a topic they enjoy, this varied from examples such as air-soft to tennis and even to computer games. The course was open to any cadet who wanted to gain these key attributes.

The Squadron Instruction Course is designed to run over three parade nights. The first night was the teaching phase of the course where the candidates learn how to take a lesson effectively, dealing with cadets in the appropriate way etc. This also included the start of the planning section where they have the chance to start to write up their lesson plans in rough and allow me or another senior NCO or member of staff to check their work to make sure they are on the right lines before they leave the building.

The second parade night was the test phase of the course. This started off with the candidates arriving with all of their props, training aids and lesson plans ready to go. They then had 10 minutes at the beginning of the night to sort their equipment out and it was straight into the assessments. This consisted of a panel of markers, for example for this course the marking staff were myself, SGT Bodycot (SQN Discipline, radio’s and shooting officer) and CI Clee (adventure training, D of E Officer and training officer) who sat at the back of the room critically marking each candidate. The marking sheet I created incorporated parts of the standard ATC Course reports with added detail to allow more options for the marker. The report form was filled out in rough by each marker and then an electronic version was typed up to a formal standard.
The third parade night was the debrief phase of the course. The debrief process for each cadet consisted following; Firstly, from the start of the night each cadet was called into the CO’s office (FLT LT Hargraves) and individually went through a formal debrief. This consisted of sitting down in front of FLT LT Hargraves and myself, going through their lesson plan and comparing it to their course report e.g. the good parts, things to improve on next time round and recommendations for courses depending on how well they performed . The candidate then got to take their report away after a copy was made for their personal file for future reference. Also during the debriefs, the cadets that were not sitting in with the boss and myself were with SGT Bodycot and CI Clee discussing and writing down their own views and feed back for me on how the course went for them and anything that could be improved upon for next time. These reports were taken in along with their lesson plans and stored in their personal file for reference when they apply for a rank on the squadron and next time they take the course.

Finally, after the all the debriefs were completed, the cadets then had a course photo to remember their achievement and mark the first Squadron Instruction Course which is shown below.

Cadet SGT David Timson
1461 Wigston Squadron ATC