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1461's Grand Day Out - Wing Field Day

Article posted: Jul 22, 2013 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

We attended the South and East Midlands 2013 Wing Field Day on Sunday 7th of July, it was a successful event, with 1461 coming 6th overall on the day.

It was a very early start for Wigston cadets, with cadets arriving at 06:30 hours at the squadron building. This early start would not affect the cadets as they were in high spirits and full of excitement to participate in the days events. Although the main aim of the day is to compete in wing field day events, there is an opportunity for cadets to socialize with cadets from around the wing which they have met on previous camps or other wing activities.

After picking up cadets from 1F, City of Leicester squadron, at 7:15, and a 45 minute ride down the A47, we eventually arrived at RAF wittering in Peterborough. 1461 cadets quickly set up camp, which included a couple of gazebos and camping chairs, and when this was completed, the inspiration briefing started. After this, the day’s events began. The First competition was the youth and senior first aid. The teams were headed by CSGT Hardy and CCPL Coulson respectfully, with CSGT Huckle the other participant in the senior first aid team and CDTs Utting, Cooper and Evans. The competition was a challenging one, with the scenario including a patient with electric shock and a back injury, and another patient with a screwdriver wound and diabetes. Our cadets tackled this with great professionalism, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Air rec competition was the second event we participated in. This team consisted as CPL Coulson as the lead, with CDT Mclean, Musson, Doshi and CPL Parker all divided up between the under 16 and open teams. The competition consisted of 30 aircraft, in which cadets had a minimal amount of time to write the aircraft down. This years Air rec competition was challenging, but the cadets were well prepared with months of air rec lessons lead by CPL Coulson and CPL Parker.

The Aero modelling competition is prepared in advance of wing field day, but is judged on the day. This year’s competitions specification was to create a diorama of air cadet training aircraft. Wigstons included one chipmunk aircraft accompanied by two Viking gliders. These were laid out on an airfield apron, with a hangar in the background.

Shooting was another one of 1461s successes. For shooting we had 6 cadets, 3 spotters and 3 shooters; CFS Stubberfield, CFS Woodford, CSGT Timson, CSGT Hardy, CSGT Huckle and CCPL Ashby. This year we had the aid of WO Hubbard who helped the team train to almost perfection, resulting in one of our best ever results, 2nd place.

Our final event was Drill, this represented 1461 at its best. With outstanding uniform and impeccable drill we performed our sequence. CFS Woodford was our flight IC and aided our great result of 3rd place. Time and effort resulted in our amazing results on wing field day. CI Vardy used his initiative and created a timetable for the day aiding our organisation and improving our punctuality for the day. Overall the day couldn’t of gone smoother with our results reflecting our squadron at its best.

CI Harding
Squadron MCO