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18 New First Aiders

Article posted: Mar 24, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Utting

There has been two Courses held in last Month for Adult Members of the Wing and over 16 years of age cadets.
One was hosted in Northamptonshire and one in Leicestershire.
The courses are the St John Ambulance Activity First Aid Course, teaching first Aid Skills required for Activities thats cadets may be taking part in. Also giving them Lifesaving skills that everyone should learn.

The courses are 18 hours long including 3 assesments
Sqn Ldr Adrian Utting taught the courses he is a Paramedic in his Full Time career and has seen how First Aid in the communty can save lives.

Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith Wing First Aid Training officer and CI Nicky Jervis from 2248 Rutland Sqn were the assessors

The wing trains cadets and their families in basic First Aid Under the British Heart Foundation Heart Start Scheme. Then a cadet can study for St John Ambulance Youth First Aid and then when they are over 16 years of age the St John Ambulance Activity First Aid qualification.

If Any sqn needs any assistance or further information on Courses availble please contact the Wing First Aid training Officer