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1936 Attend INCO Course

Article posted: Jun 03, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Recently, 3 Newton cadets attended an INCO course: Cdt Hand, Cdt Weston and Cpl Paine. The course spanned from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April, meaning the cadets spent two nights sleeping in RAF Wittering.

On arriving, the cadets were shown the accommodation block and then brought to the TDC- “teaching development centre”- where the course was split in two due to its’ huge size of over 40 cadets. After an original ice breaker, Cpl Paine and Cdt Hand were both appointed 2IC’s of their respective flights: a notable achievement.

On the Saturday, there was an original inspection allowing cadets to improve for the critical inspection held the next day in Wedgewood blue uniform. Later followed multiple theory lessons, intertwined with a total of four hours of drill. Cadets were assessed on their individual drill and ability to take a flight for drill. That night, all cadets prepared their lesson for the following day that they had to give on a subject of their choice; the criteria for the lesson was that it must have lasted 8-12 minutes and use teaching aids. Ideally, the lesson would also fulfil the set format taught on the Saturday, including an opening and plenary.
Sunday was the key examination day, hosting the lesson and leadership test. The cadets departed at 1600hrs having completed the course.

The course reports are due back to the Squadron in the next week. Hopefully, all cadets will have passed as expected; Newton Squadron was definitely one of the strongest, setting a good standard across the wing for potential and junior NCOs.

By Cpl Paine
1936 (Newton) Squadron