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1936 attend Swynnerton 2015

Article posted: Jun 04, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Pass

During May half term, the annual spring Wing camp was held at MOD Swynnerton; Swynnerton is known to be a gruelling greens camp, both physically and mentally demanding. Four girls and four boys from 1936 Newton Squadron attended the camp.

Swynnerton is the largest annual Wing camp that South and East Midlands Wing offers which means it can be quite daunting for cadets attending for the first time. This was the case for Cdt Beveridge, Cdt Hogg, Cdt Geary and Cdt Pereira but all 1936 Squadron cadet thoroughly enjoyed it.

The camp commenced on the Saturday, where the cadets were introduced into their flights and took part in ice breaking activities. Throughout the week, they partook in a rotation of daily challenges, each earning points towards becoming the winning flight. These challenges included gun run, paint balling, field craft, casualty evacuation, leadership and drill, to name but a few.
During the night, there was a rotation of a night ex, geo-cashing, weapons handling tests and first aid. Thursday held race day where the cadets competed closely with each other and, in the evening, a disco was held in the mess hall for all the cadets until 2300hrs. – (image of 1936 conga)

Not only did the cadets enjoy their activities, but also some were given the opportunity to meet Group Captain Carol Vorderman and Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty: a rare and impressive opportunity.

A special congratulations should go to Cdt Beveridge and Cdt Pereira who were in the winning ‘D Flight’. In addition, well done to Cpl Paine, who was elected 2nd in charge of ‘I Flight’ and field promoted to Sergeant for the duration of the camp.

The camp was thoroughly enjoyable and the activities were certainly character building but it has to be said that everyone was glad to be home after a demanding week away.