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1936 (Newton) Trades with 313 (Edmundston) Squadron

Article posted: May 26, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Over the past couple of weeks, Sergeant Connor Levers of 1936 (Newton) Squadron ATC has been in contact with Warrant Officer 2nd Class Tanya Faguy from 313 (Edmundston) Squadron RCAC. Both communicated the structure of their cadet force and the difference between the Air Training Corps and Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

One such example would be that the RCAC run fewer, but larger Squadrons. The average size of one would be around 100 cadets, a lot bigger than Newton and the majority of the Wing. Another difference would be that they automatic promote once a certain requirement is fulfilled. Unlike the ATC, this can only promote cadet when there are spaces available. This would mean that potentially every cadet on the Squadron could be a Warrant Officer 1st class (highest rank in the RCAC) if they met the minimum standards.

As well as comparing the differences between the two organisations, they also traded proficiency badges and badges of rank. Sgt Levers sent WO2 Faguy, two Corporal rank slides and a Squadron marksman. In return he received a Flight Corporal rank slide and sleeve badge (rank unique to Canada and equivalent to a senior Corporal).

I believe that this communication and trading has improved the co-operation and international relations between the two very different but also similar organisations. I also believe that this will help me to understand the RCAC more for when I hopefully apply for IACE next year. Canada is one of my first choices for a country to exchange with. I am also trying to get in contact with the Civil Air Patrol, the US version of Air Cadets. This organisation is very different, even more so than the RCAC.

Sgt Connor Levers
1936 (Newton) Squadron
Squadron Cadet MCO