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1936 Spring Camp Review

Article posted: Jun 03, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Pass

If adventure is your thing then 1936 (Newton) Squadron’s Spring Camp was the place to be.

Cadets arrived at Walesby Scout Camp and were thrown straight into a Navigation Exercise. All cadets were utilising their map reading skills in the forest to locate the signs and were communicating in their teams via their radios.

The Squadron was up at 07.00hrs to cook their own ration packs and start the first activity of raft building. The cadets built the rafts out of long ropes and water buckets. They then had to row them across the lake whilst playing Last Man Standing. Cadets took part in other activities such as Ultimate Frisbee and the Cave Maze, (which in many cadets opinions was the best activity of the weekend), where the cadets had to navigate themselves out of the dark cave before going back to rescue their colleagues that hadn’t made it out.

Camouflage was the name of the game in the Night Exercise as cadets negotiated the forest terrain and practiced first aiding civilians casualties.

Special mention goes to Cadet Billy Bell who was awarded Best Cadet on camp.