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1F Remember the few, twice

Article posted: Dec 10, 2012 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On a chilly Sunday morning, cadets and staff from 1F (City of Leicester) Squadron attended the annual Remembrance service on Victoria Park in Leicester.

With contingents of military personnel, other cadet forces, police and St John’s Ambulance service forming up, 1F took their place in the parade. They were to be marched from De Montfort Hall to the Cenotaph where the service would take place, led by the Bishop of Leicester. Hundreds of people lined the route as the parade marched off and took their place on the park.

The very loud sound of the Maroon sounded the start of the two minutes silence at 11:00.
After the silence, prayers were read by various civic representatives and hymns were sung as well as the wreath laying service, witnessed by the estimated 3000 people that had turned up to pay their own respects to the fallen service men and women and offer their hope to those who are still serving today.

Following the service, the parade marched off, through the Cenotaph and down Piece Walk where the salute was taken by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire and was continued for the war Veterans. The parade continued a short way up University Road and back into De Montfort Hall.

Although all were very cold, it didn’t stop here for the cadets; a second service was to be held in Oadby during the afternoon. The cadets and staff had lunch, treated by their OC, Flt Lt Aimee Hurst and then assembled at Rosemead Drive where the parade would begin.

The parade marched through Oadby to the local church where the service would be held. The cadets and staff alike were glad of the warmth that the church offered! Having sung hymns and joined in with prayers, the service assembled outside the church for a wreath laying ceremony, led by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire.

The parade then moved on and a salute was taken, again, by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire before halting at the centre of Oadby.

1F at the Leicester City Remembrance Parade

Fg Off David Shuttleworth, Squadron Training Officer, commented ‘It was fantastic to see so much dedication from the cadets. Remembrance day is always such a moving day and the cadets have all done the squadron proud in completing the two parades to such a high standard.’

Flt Sgt M Henson