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Article posted: Feb 09, 2011 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On Monday the 17 January 2011, 4 Cadets from 1F (City of Leicester) Squadron, Air Training Corps were promoted to the rank of Cadet Corporal.
The 4 Cadets – Cadets Power, Belleini, Sangani and Beszant were promoted to assist in the day to day running and organisation of the Leicester based squadron’s Junior Non Commissioned Officer Team (JNCO) team. After the promotions the four new Cadet Corporals were then collectively given a brief by the squadrons Cadet Warrant Officer, Daniel McGlynn on the personal requirements, responsibilities and standards expected from a member of the 1F JNCO Team.
The other member of the JNCO team Cadet Corporal Molly Henson said “it was great to see some new blood put into the team. Things should now run much smoother and the squadron will hopefully grow from strength to strength because of it”.
Pilot Officer Shuttleworth the squadrons Training Officer stated “It’s really great to see promotions take place. It makes the job we do a little easier because it shows that the cadets are actually developing and moving forwards and upwards in not only their cadet life, but in their outside life as well”.

Photo from L to R: Cadet Cpl’s Power, Belleini, Sangani and Beszant.

Pilot Officer D Shuttleworth