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1st Nottingham Congratulate the Gliding Scholarship Six!

Article posted: Apr 20, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

138 (1st Nottingham) squadron praise six of their cadets for gaining their Gliding Wings this year. Astonished, 138 have never seen so many gliding wings achieved in such a short space as 3 months! Of the six, four achieved Silver (solo) and two of Blue.

Five determined youths stepped forward without hesitation and applied for the Gliding Course at 644 VGS, RAF Syerston, following the achievement of Silver wings by Cadet Warrant Officer Elizabeth Cwilewicz last March, who has also been offered a place on the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme in Dundee. The five who were awarded their wings in the Grob Vigilant motor glider include Cadet Cpls Daniel Wright and Jamie Dodds, Sgts Erica Young and Michael McKinley-Good and Flt Sgt Christopher Clifford, now proudly wearing their wings on their uniform.

Cpl Daniel Wright was asked of his experience “I was ecstatic when I found out I had a place on the course and am so glad that I have reached Silver Wing level. The solo experience was unbelievable; it’s such a rare achievement. I can’t wait to start on the Gold Wing Course”.

A further two cadets, Cpl Claire Cottee and Sgt Matt Wilson are to begin their Gliding Scholarship this April.

Inspired by flying high, Cpl Wright, Sgt McKinley-Good and Flt Sgt Clifford have keenly decided to return to RAF Syerston and commence the Flight Staff role in parallel with the Gold Wing course, where they will perform an extra 5 solo flights.

Continuing their career in aviation, Cadets Sgt Erica Young, Sgt Matt Wilson and Flt Sgt Christopher Clifford have already taken off in the exciting National Privates Pilots Licence (NPPL) at the Buckminster Gliding Club at Saltby airfield flying in the privately owned T61 F Motor Falke (Venture);an ex -ATC aircraft. To receive their NPPL, they must complete 32 hours of flying and pass an Air law exam before going solo. Subsequently, they must pass a further 8 exams to obtain their NPPL.

Squadron Commander, Flt Lt Fred Harrison, exclaimed, “These outstanding achievers have really shown what success you can get out of cadets and it’s a great privilege to have so many at 138 do exceptionally well. The cadets continuing with their gliding and flying I know will be dedicated from start to finish! “.

…What a flying start this year for the 1st Nottingham cadets!

Written by CWO Elizabeth Cwilewicz
MCO 138(1st Nottingham) Sqn