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2071 First Class Cadets

Article posted: Feb 01, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Six cadets at 2071 received their First Class badges on Monday night after completing their training.
The cadets have completed the first step on their way to the BTEC Aviation Studies award and they will now be moving on to study for the Leading Classification which will see them focus on more individual subjects.“I was very proud to give the Cadets their First Class badges this evening and hope that there will be more certificates and badges to award following the exams in March” said Fg Off Gibson.

From Left to Right: Cadets D Brockbank, L Kirby, L Channing-Bates, K Rogers, T Mc Dermott and Cadet N Hart

The new training programme issued at the start of the year has seen projects stay on the timetable but with new topics such as SAC Chapmans’ field catering project. SAC Chapman of No. 3 (Mobile Catering) Squadron is stationed at RAF Wittering and has been a service helper at 2071 for quite some time now, he has helped the Squadron in many ways but this is really the first time he has brought a flavour of his day job into parade nights.

The Project based around the ‘Rat Pack’ has seen the cadets learning about the nutrition a standard ration pack contains and how to transfer the benefits across into their adventure training meals.

Sgt ATC Mark Blackshaw
2071 Squadron