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2071 (Stamford) Squadron Cadets attend NCO Courses

Article posted: Sep 18, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Cadets from 2071 Sqn were recently successfully selected by securing places on the Initial Cadet NCO courses held recently at RAF Cottesmore.

Cpl Jordan Brackpool and Cadets’ Evans, Chater & Hart attended the courses which were run by Cadet Training Team from within the South & East Midlands Wing. Using the training facilities kindly provided by No 504 (Auxiliary) RAF Regiment Sqn, the Cadets learned a number of skills that they will need to become future cadet NCOs’.

During their time at Cottesmore they extended their knowledge of drill, leadership skills and what is expected of an NCO. They were all assessed throughout the weekend and their individual capability, aptitude and abilities will be reflected in their end of course report.

Cpl Brackpool said of his time on the course “I enjoyed the challenges and drill element of the course and I am now keen to return to the Squadron and put them all to good use”.

Cadet Evans added “Since being back at the Squadron I have been given the opportunity to be duty cadet, taking first and final parade and putting my new found training to good use. It was good to receive the training on the course which has increased my self-confidence and given me more cadet knowledge”.

Squadron CO, Flt Lt Helen Gibson commented “The cadets who attended the course have all displayed their new found skills and I have seen improvement and potential in all of them. As the Officer Commanding the adult team and staff at 2071 Sqn it is our job to ensure the training and development continues.

I would like to thank the Cadet training staff who delivered the course at Cottesmore and I look forward to receiving the individual course reports in order for further guidance and appraisals to be given”.

By CI Paul Ferguson
2071 Sqn Adjutant