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2071 (Stamford) Squadron Cadets Take To The Skies Over Cranwell……

Article posted: Feb 28, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Sunday 26 February 2012, eight cadets of 2071 (Stamford) Squadron attended Royal Air Force Cranwell in order to take part in one of the Air Cadet Organisation core activities; powered flying.

For some of the eight cadets it was their first ever opportunity to fly in the Grob Tutor aircraft which are based at Cranwell as part of No 7 Air Experience Flight (7 AEF).

On arrival the team were given a flight safety briefing followed by kitting and parachute drills, part of the safety procedures prior to all flights with 7 AEF.

Cadets were then allocated to their respective pilots and aircraft and the flying soon began. The weather was good and the operations room very soon became active and busy.

Cadet Ollie Le Sech who is part of the 2071 (Stamford) Squadron Training Flight said of his first ever air experience flight “I had a great time flying and was able to take control of the aircraft. The pilot demonstrated the effects of G-force on the body and I was able to fly above the cloud base which was great fun. I can’t wait to go again”.

Other first time fliers included Cadets’ Sheffield, Spiegl and Round who all commented on their experiences, saying how they enjoyed their first ever flights, hoping they can fly again as soon as possible.

By Plt Off Paul Ferguson
2071 Sqn