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209 at RAF Scampton

Article posted: Nov 28, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Air Cadets from 209 (West Bridgford) and 1936 (Newton) Squadrons have spent a day at RAF Scampton, the home of the Red Arrows.

As soon as we arrived at the Station gates a formation of 4 Red Arrows flew over head as they practised part of their display.

As well as being the home of the Red Arrows, RAF Scampton is famous for being the base that the Dambusters flew from and our visit started at the Dambusters Museum. The museum guides showed us many artefacts about Lancaster’s and the Dams Raid including a ‘bouncing bomb’.

After lunch in the Mess we were then shown around the Red Arrows Hawk aircraft by their aircrew and engineers who explained the cockpit instruments, how the Red Arrows fly in close formation and how they make the multicoloured smoke trails.

The day ended at the Control and Reporting Centre. This unit monitors a million square miles of airspace above and around the UK. The CRC has two sections which are overseen by controllers who sit at a curved desk known as the ‘command banana.’ It’s these controllers who scramble the ‘Q’ or fast reaction aircraft based at RAF Coningsby and Leuchars if any unidentified or suspicious aircraft enter UK airspace.

Corporal Serena Linley of 209 Sqn said she liked the tour of the Red Arrows and then added “It’s great seeing what my future will be like!”