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209 Building Bridges in Horizontal Hail

Article posted: Mar 12, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Air Cadets from 209 (West Bridgford) Squadron braved horizontal hail at an adventure training camp held at Sherbrooke near Calverton. Fortunately they were accommodated in permanent building so had somewhere warm to sleep but the rest of the time they had to brave the elements!

The weekend began with a camouflage and concealment exercise. The Cadets were shown how to apply camouflage cream and then how best to conceal themselves in the woods. They then put this into practice in several exercises. Well done to Cdt Freddie Filz who was the only Cadet not to be found despite everyone else being within a few feet of him.

The next activity was a casevac exercise where the Cadets had to find casualties hiding in the wood, treat them and then evacuate them to a place of safety.

After lunch the Cadets had an archery lesson from one of the centres qualified instructors. He explained the safety procedures and how to use the bow and then it was the Cadets turn. After becoming proficient at 10 metres the Cadets then moved back to 15 metres. A special mention must go to Cadet Beth Dodd who managed to knock over the heavy wooden target with a single arrow!

The next activity was also provided by the centre. They have their own tunnel maze which saw the Cadets and Staff crawling on their hands and near in the near dark up and down the different levels of the maze. I for one was glad to finish it!

The second day of the camp was spent on a pioneering exercise which was led by the centres Deputy Warden. He explained to the Cadets how to build two large tripods which where then joined by planks to make a bridge. Everybody involved with the construction had a feeling of pride when the bridge was finally assembled.

Cadet Beth Dodd (15) who was on her first camp with 209 Sqn said “It’s been a fantastic weekend with lots of activities. My favourite was the tunnelling.”

Attached pictures. 2424, Cadet Beth Dodd and Cpl Navraj Boughan on the archery range. 2457, Cadets and staff on the bridge built in the Pioneering Exercise.