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209 Cadets on the range

Article posted: Oct 28, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

For the first time in many years Cadets from 209 (West Bridgford) Squadron took part in a shoot on a 200 metre range. They joined Cadets from South and East Midlands Wing and Trent Wing at the Beckingham Range. Before getting to shoot with the L98A2 the 209 Cadets took their turn operating the targets.

The targets are manually hoisted into the air from behind the safety of an earth bank. Every time the target is hit it is pulled back down and the bullet hole marked with a large fluorescent disk. The area where the targets is worked is called the ‘Butts’ and can be a very busy place.

Sergeant Michael Disney of 209 said of the shoot, “The day began with the Range Conducting Officer giving a brief about the running times, an overall brief of jobs to be done and the expectations of the day. After this the 209 Cadets and about 10 Cadets from other Sqns went down to the Butts to score the targets. This was very exciting as the rounds passed only metres above our heads. However it was tricky sometimes to see where the rounds had hit the target. The highlight of the morning in the Butts was when a round struck a target after tumbling through the air. It impacted with a loud bang and left a hole around 4cm in length as opposed to the usual 5.56mm hole.”

“In the afternoon it was our turn to shoot and we took up our positions on the firing point to take our shoots. This was the first time any of us had fired on a 200m range. The targets seemed small compared to the size of them down in the Butts. We each had an individual coach and all fired a snap, deliberate and rapid shoot. We all did extremely well for our first shoot at that range and are all looking forward to going back and firing again on a 200m range.”

Attached photos. 1139 – Cdt Mitchell Ward and Sgt Michael Disney in the Butts. 1153 – Sgt ATC Vincett coaches FS Lee-Taylor on the firing point.

Richard Vincett