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209 carry out WHT's

Article posted: Dec 13, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Three Air Cadets from 209 (West Bridgford) have qualified to use the L98A2 Cadet Rifle by completing a days training on the DP version of the rifle.

The training started from scratch with learning the names of the different parts of the rifle and then moved onto the loading, unloading and make safe drills. This was followed by practicing the four stoppage drills and then the Cadets completed the training by passing a Weapons Handling Test.

After eventually remembering to do their Normal Safety Precautions in the correct place during the Weapons Handling Test Corporal Willett, Cdts Rizal and Mendes all passed.

The Weapons Handling Test is valid for 6 months and Cdt Navraj Boughan also attended the training and successfully requalified to use the L98A2 by re-passing his WHT. The following day Boughan took part in a shoot at the 25m range at RAF Wittering and scored enough points to qualify for a Corps Marksman. 209s Shooting Officer, Sergeant ATC Richard Vincett said “It’s always satisfying to see Cadets progress from the initial training to achieving the highest marksman award. Boughan has regularly attended Shoots at RAF Wittering and its all credit to him for gaining his Corps Marksman.”