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209 Ghost Squadron

Article posted: Nov 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

The Squadron Hut at 209 Sqn often resembles a rickety old mansion house but this Halloween the similarities where even more shocking as cockroaches climbed the wall, bat swooped from the ceiling and vampires, pirates, terminators and various ghouls arrived for the Sqns Halloween party.

Bathed in an eerie orange light the first party game was a pumpkin carving competition. This was followed by apple bobbing, pin the bones on the skeleton and ‘whats in the box?’ Whatever was in the box, it wasn’t pleasant!

Everyone then enjoyed a buffet which ingredients seem to consist of slime, blood and eyeballs, well according to the menu anyway.

Next several lucky volunteers were swathed in toilet roll for the Dress a Mummy Competition and the evening ended with prizes being awarded for the best fancy dress costume. Second prize went to Cadet Mollie Dawson for her pirate costume and early ‘Movember’ facial hair. First prize was awarded to Flight Sergeant Serena Linley for her ‘Zipper Face.’

Attached photo – 2169 Sgt (ATC) Sarah Hughes and FS (ATC) Shane Grice judge the ‘Dress a Mummy’ Competition. I have no idea who the Mummies are! 2180 Fg Off Liam Waring presents Cadet FS Serena Linley with the prize for Best Fancy Dress