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209 Sqn in Cyprus

Article posted: Sep 15, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Corporal Serena Linley (16) of 209 (West Bridgford) Sqn was one of 35 South and East Midland Wing Cadets who spent 10 days at RAF Troodus on Cyprus. The Station is located deep within the Troodus Mountains in the centre of the Greek Cypriot half of the island.

Serena who also attends the Bilborough College said of her stay “It was a privilege to stay at the RAF Troodus, as probably only once every three years will any Sqn get the same opportunity.”

“This camp was the first of its kind. It was an experiment and we were the guinea pigs. Needless to say no animals were harmed during this time. No in fact we thrived. We participated in so many activities I lost count, such as visiting the capital, lots of swimming and initiative exercises. As for swimming we swam so much it as enough to classify us as mere-people. We swam at a lovely little hotel by the sea and the at the best water park in Cyprus. We also went on a boat trip on a vessel called the Wave Dancer. The boat stopped in a couple of bays on the west coast and we swam in the almost too blue to believe water. Then once we’d dried off we were shown how to dance Greek style which was pretty fun. Some Cadets were natural and others were comics.”

“We shopped in a huge shopping centre which had three levels and an ice rink on the bottom. We skated and skated for hours and we loved it. The best and scariest activity was the mountain biking. I cannot even begin to describe how exhilarating and immense it was.”

The temperature reached 41 degrees. It was the best camp, best holiday, best 10 days I’d ever spent. It was absolutely incredible, amazing.”