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209 Sqn Waendel Walk

Article posted: Jun 04, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

A dozen Air Cadets from 209 (West Bridgford) Squadron have completed the 15km International Waendel Walk held on Saturday 14th May in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

The Cadets arrived Friday evening and camped out over night with the other participants. They had an early rise to be ready to start the walk at 930am.

The Waendel Walk is named after a local Saxon Warlord and follows a route through the Northamptonshire countryside. The 209 Cadets kept up a brisk pace and completed the 15Kms by 1.30pm. They all received a Waendel Walk medal for completing the course.

Cadet Lydia Welham who attends the South Wolds School said of the walk, “The best bit was that we sang all the way, the worst bit was when we thought we’d reached the last check point only to discover there was still one to go! But getting the medal at the end was great and we’ll be back next year for the 2 day walk!”